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India lauded for Medicines with the Red Line campaign on antibiotics

The term Medicines with the Red campaign was appreciated by the Global Review on Antimicrobial Resistance.
•    The review was commissioned by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014 and chaired by economist Jim O’Neil.
•    As per the review, India led the way so far with its idea of a ‘Red Line Campaign’ for antibiotics packaging.
•    It has several key messages - learn how to identify prescription drugs; curb self medication; and become more aware of the dangers of misusing antibiotics.
•    The campaign was named so as it was mandated that all prescription only drugs should be marked with a vertical red line on the pack.
•    The packs with red lines should be consumed only on doctor’s advice and the patients need to complete full course as prescribed by the doctor.
•    The campaign was launched by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in February 2016.
•    The launch of the campaign became inevitable due to growing misuse of antibiotics across the country.